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It is your lucky day... You just discovered...

WE ARE YOUR one stop shop for all your air suspension needs!

We carry over 20,000 parts, and the list is growing each and every day. We are an authorized dealer of (AVS) and Lowrider Depot (LRD). If you see an item on either of those sites then we have it too. The difference is whatever price you see it list for, will be cheaper from Numatik Kustoms! Sometimes it's a few dollars, other times so much more. We are also doing regular contests and giveaways on social media. Make sure to LIKE Numatik Kustoms on facebook! We regularly post specials that are cheaper than anywhere else!

Behind the scenes we are building a completely new web store! It is a lot of work, and you need air suspension parts now right? We thought so, and no problem at all. Our entire product list is AVAILABLE NOW so if you already have something you want, begin the easy process!


First, just CLICK HERE to visit the Numatik Kustoms Facebook page and then send us a message on FACEBOOK (or by just CLICKING HERE). If social media isn't for you, then just send an email to: (or just click the blue link)

Step 1

 If you know already know what you need, skip to step 2. Find ANYTHING on or We have everything on those two websites plus more, and we will ALWAYS beat the posted price at least by a little on those two websites, but usually by even more than you might think!

Step 2

Send us a message! Tell us what you need, then we will ask you more questions about what your working on. We will help you cover all the bases, and make sure you get exactly what you need.

Step 3

You will be very surprised, you will wonder where Numatik Kustoms has been your whole life. You may start jumping up and down, and in some cases even begin dancing to a terrible song. Shortly after, you will receive an invoice from Quickbooks, and you will pay with your favorite card.

That's it!

Once the payment is received, Numatik Kustoms finalizes the bookkeeping on our end. If a tracking number is available, we will get it to you as quickly as possible, we will send it with the finalized receipt. 

 It's gonna feel like Christmas before you know it, but without a fat guy with a beard breaking into your house. And last, this is important, BUILD YOUR RIDE AND POST YOUR PICTURES OUR ON THE FACEBOOK PAGE!


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